Wednesday, December 28, 2011

my style- country strong

yesterday at my grans, my cousins and i decided to dress up and have a fancy lunch. lol. being in the country, sometimes one has to get creative with their time. this is what i wore :)

the backdrop is the kraal at my grans place. it will be  quite difficult to post for about two weeks after today, i'm going on holiday with the family. if i don't get to squeeze one more post in, i wish you and yours a delicious new year!
thank you for all your support of candychampagne. it really means so much to me and words can't even describe how much i appreciate it! see you in the new year for more sweetness and fun!

all my love,

i wore:
black felt floppy hat - yde
black & white striped top - zara (organic cotton)
burnt orange shorts - mr price
black platforms - rage


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  2. Keep up the awesome work!LOVE YOUR BLOG

  3. thank you so much! i REALLY appreciate it! love to you!

  4. uhm, everything is just so inspiring babe. can you come back though? holidays are over!!!!!

  5. Thank you beautiful! Im on The way to SÁ right now!
    Só much love to you!

  6. Really beautiful! Love your blog!


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