Monday, December 5, 2011

inside story world premier

last week thursday (world aids day), my mom and i went to the inside story world premier at killarney mall in johannesburg. i know when people hear of a movie about hiv/aids they tend to switch off, but this movie is really different! i'd considered myself pretty educated when it came to hiv/aids, but this movie showed me how ignorant i was but also taught me so much. it focuses on the science of hiv in the body - i'm talking about atoms and everything- from the date of infection to living with the virus and how your body works to fight it. the story line is also amazing, with a proudly african cast. the movie is directed by south african rolie nikiwe. inside story comes out in february 2012 in theatres across the world and i really encourage everyone to watch it when it comes out! but for now, you can check out the inside story website for more information 

i tried to snap a photo of some of the cast, director and producers but there was such pandemonium after we'd all seen the movie

producer aric noboa, actor seth zimu, director rolie nikiwe, producer harriet gavshon, actress kendra etufunywa and actor kevin ndege mamboleo

my mom and i after the movie, on our way to the after party at hush!

have a magical monday! 

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  1. you and your mom party together?!! too cool


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