Thursday, May 10, 2012

nothin small about her

this here is joan smalls, a gorgeous model (and the new muse of michael kors!) i've been crushing on for a while now. i know it's almost winter here, but i couldn't resist sharing these photos of her! i'm a proud member of #TeamShowLeg all year 'round. ALSO, that hair is awesome - i'm considering going BIG this winter with my hair...
what do you think?
i would love to own this suit!
the amazingness of this photo!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

scarlet love

yesterday was such an amazing day weather-wise in grahamstown. the perfect day to wear this dress i stole from my mom's closet! i wore flats on campus *insert sad face* i actually can't wait till the day i get to wear heels everyday! that day will be ah-mah-zing (my current obsession is 'happy endings', i have a girl crush on penny). my dear friend marge took these pictures of me.

(dress- my mom's closet, crop top - diy, shoes - legit)

happy tuesday!