Friday, August 26, 2011

sharing a little candy with you!

firstly, thank you to everyone that has been following candychampagne. words are really not enough to express juuuuuust how grateful i am! :)
secondly (dum dum dum), the popularity of the how to make your own earrings post has been really great, so i had a really great idea (light bulb moment really), why not have a little fun with this??

we are going to make a competition out of that post, where everyone that has made a pair of earrings or is still going to make a pair of earrings needs to send me an image of their earrings with a little description (and please don't forget your name) - this can be done by either emailing me at or by tweeting me (my username is khanya_mash) and attaching the picture of your earrings to that tweet. 

i will then post all the earrings that i get on the blog and all the followers of this blog will vote by simply commenting on the pair they like. the owner of the pair that gets the most 'likes' will win themselves a really cool two-finger love ring (at the bottom of this post)!

how do you comment?? on the right tab of candychampagne there is a 'please follow cc blog', you then click 'follow this site' and you can follow using your gmail account or twitter account. if you don't have either of those, you can follow by email which is under the 'please follow cc blog', you will then have to log in in order to comment.

the competition begins NOW and the deadline to submit pictures of your earrings to me (via email or twitter) is sunday the 11th of september, so you have  two weeks and 2 days to get creative! voting  will start on that monday evening (5th september) and will run for a week until monday the 19th of september.
the winning pair and the owner will be announced soon after that and will get their prize
if you are not in grahamstown, fear not, the prize can be posted to you!
so lets get cracking! make some earrings! send me pictures! and get all your friends to vote vote vote!!

the prize for the winning pair of earrings is a two-finger 'love' ring

Thursday, August 25, 2011

grahamstown street style: crotchet hearts

 very regal


i love love love this entire look! very regal. that ring and i need to be friends

grahamstown street style: vintage iris


this day was such a sunny day, winter is sloooowly leaving us. i love nikki's
floral top - just gorgeous. she is a lover of all things vintage.

grahamstown street style: i'll roll up


he almost looks like he's just came from the hamptons
i wish these jeans were mine...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

photographer focus: mapodile mkhabela

mapodile mkhabela

*image sourced from mapodile's blog: mapodile's photojournal

mapodile is an extremely talented and i mean extreeeeemely talented photographer!
she majored in photo-journalism at rhodes and is now a budding professional photographer
her pictures are really amazing and lucky for us (and thanks to technology) we can check out her work on 
her blog. please do check it out, you will be blown away!!

mapodile on her blog: "This blog is about the way that i interpret the world. I'm in the process of mapping out my photographic style, and this blog is a platform for me to experiment and freestyle and to really get a sense of my identity as a professional photographer"

Saturday, August 20, 2011

how to: make your own earrings

if you've ever wanted to make yourself a cool pair of earrings, this is your chance. 
this is a quick tutorial on how to make earrings out of buttons. its quick, easy and really affordable
enjoy :)

super glue R10 at checkers, buttons R6.50 each at jacksons -in town, i got the backs under the arch for 50cents each and the butterflies also under the arch for 20cents each

squeeze a pea sized amount of super glue onto the back of the button 

place the back on the super glue, then put a little more glue around the back for added support

give everything about ten minutes and your earrings are ready to wear!

hope this has been helpful. have a great weekend

*Jacksons is on High Street, on the Mr Price side. its a material shop

Monday, August 15, 2011

grahamstown street style: GQ stylin

i literally ran after gregg when i saw him from a distance. i fear people are actually going to get 
scared of me! but luckily he wasn't even phased. he looks like he just stepped out of a
magazine, and funny enough he is going to be featured in GQ magazine
for his awesome style. he's also just signed with a modelling agency. 
so when you start seeing lots of gregg in print
remember where you saw him first :)

happy monday everyone!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

happy women's day

[i took this picture while on a lunch date at 137 high street with some of my girlfriends]

today is national women's day (south africa) and wow, i've had a really busy day :)
the 9th of august is women's day in SA because on this day in 1956, 20 000 south african women of all races marched to the union buildings to present a petition against the carrying of passes by women to the then prime minister, j g stijdom. this was before twitter, facebook and texts!
today i took a spinning class, but the best part of that was the conversation i had with zamo (my spinning assistant).we spoke about our mom's and all the other amazing women that inspire us and spoke about all our dreams and aspirations for the future. not once was there mention of boys, which is stereotypically typical of two young girls in their early early 20's. made me realise that we are growing up!
namhla and i  then had the inssaaaaane honor of interviewing 4 very inspirational women our my radio show today (rmr). we spoke to Ntsiki Biyela who is the first black woman winemaker in south africa, Siki Mgabadeli a freelance journalist and talk show host on SAFM, Janet Buckland a renowned director and  influencor of the dramatic arts in south africa as well as Mbali Ntuli the DA (democratic alliance) youth chair.
you can only imagine how star struck  i was, i felt like the ultimate groupie but i couldn't help but inspired by these women who have chosen to do what they love and because they love it, have had great success in their fields. insanely enough, all four of them were working when we called them, because that is the ultimate celebration for them.
there are many women all around me that inspire me. i am reminded almost everyday as to why as a woman (and a human at that - can't exclude the men), we were never built to crumble.

so i wish you all a great women's day! 


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

grahamstown street style: never too wild

 [khwaza tshisela]

my heart is in love!

grahamstown street style: today the sun came out to play

[beige jersey- h&m, denim skirt - the salvation army; shoes - kelso @ edgars; bag - bella bianca circa 2006; sunglasses - spitfire]
 yesterday the sun finally came out to play in grahamstown. it was such a lovely day!
 behind me is the clock tower on campus:

 my awesome friends bulelwa and mlu as we'd just walked out of law. candids are the best.
i love mlu's zulu leopard print vest - me wants one too! :)

i'm in love with bulelwa's nail polish!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

grahamstown street style: burnt orange surprise

this is mel, she's a 2nd year photo-journ student here at rhodes. 
looooove her entire look!! 
she also has a blog where she posts some of her photo-journ pictures,
check them out on  her blog

grahamstown street style: blue royale

mlu looking oh so regal. he got his new converse as sort of a tribute to beyonce
the tofo tofo pantsula dancers in the 'girls' video wear the same pair

grahamstown street style: chillin

these two girls look so chilled, its great!
check out the girl in the backpack in the middle, how cool??!