Thursday, March 29, 2012

photo diary: khuli chana in p.e

this past sunday, my girlfriends and i went to the first 'chase sundays' party in port illy and khuli chana was in the buuuuuuilding! such an amazing day, i'm still replaying it over in my head. khuli looked dapper in his bottle green jeans and denim shirt. i wore a loose white shirt from mr price, checkered blue and white high waisted pants from my mom, platforms from rage and a brown vintage oversized clutch bag. for some reason, i didn't take a single full length picture. rookie mistake.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

shoes...friend or foe?

tabitha simmons' bathtub full of shoes

i am a lover of shoes. i know no discrimination when it comes to shoes - monochrome or colorful, flat or sky high, new or old, pricey or bargain, it's all the same to me. when i was 12, the summers in stillwater were ridiculous! i'm talking frying-your-eggs-on-the-sidewalk-hot or boiling-tea-in-a-jar-hot! my mom and i would go shopping for essentials and i would purposefully leave my shoes in the car, run and skip all the way to the mall burning my feet JUST so Mama Mash would feel sorry for me when we had to walk back to the car and get me a new pair of shoes! this only worked twice, but you can understand just how far i was willing to go only at age 12, for a new pair of shoes.

 i can't remember when my love-affair with pretty soles began but ever since i've been of sound mind, i've been told that my love-affair is a destructive one...that "i will go broke and live in my shoes" (though that isn't completely impossible...there was once an old lady who lived in a shoe, right?) and i have had to calm down. i now have a new policy; if i get a new pair of shoes, i choose to give one away/buy one for someone that needs a pair. 

but the reason i'm writing this is not to go on and on and on about my love for shoes and how i don't want to end up like carrie bradshaw (i.e. asking my best friend to pawn her engagement ring so that i can pay off my debt - that is just cruel) but to sort of explain what goes on in my head (heart & feet) when i get a new pair of shoes. you see, my logic is simple. everyday, we get up and go on with life, taking on all of life's champagne bubbles and sometimes flat, hot beer - all with our feet supporting us every step of the way (hehe). our shoulders don't carry the weight of the world, our feet do. and what better way to say thank you to our pillars of strength than with a  (sometimes) comfy, beautiful pair of shoes?

of course the thank you gift to our pretty walkers needs to be within reason. one should never consider selling a body part to buy a pair of shoes. i can't imagine loving a pair of shoes that cost me a kidney, or happiness or anything else of value. but i do think that feet (and so many people cringe when they think of them) deserve a little love. and nobody should ever go without a pair of shoes.

love to you!

Monday, March 5, 2012

silk savvy

mama mash (my mom) on the right with her friend.
yes, her ivory pants are silk.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

berry bold

(shirt - my mom's closet, jeans - edgars, black wedges - legit 'the minnie series')

the weather yesterday was a little gray (aka non stop rain) and i kind of went with the color of the day - but of course i had to have a berry lip to brighten me up a little. i've been so swamped with work since the start of this semester that i literally have to schedule loving my lovers. "ill have to check my schedule" has become my motto lately - and it's not entirely as fabulous as it seems in the movies. because of this, i really haven't had time to take any street style pictures. even with that, i can't abandon my blog, it really is my dose of candy (sweet fun) and champagne (energy). so i've decided to switch things up a little by having my style diaries. i'll take a picture of what i'm wearing on campus some mornings (well, everything except the heels) and share those with you until things slow down and i can share some of the best in rhodes fashion - which is beyond awesome.
do expect a few changes in the posts coming up, i will still keep is sweet and fun!

have a lovely day :)