Tuesday, September 27, 2011

grahamstown street style: let it flow


flowy skirt + print = awesomeness!

grahamstown street style: made in africa



prints are gorgeous at the moment, and i'm loving the african inspired prints :)

will you be wearing prints this season??

Monday, September 19, 2011

local designer focus: thabo makheta

ionlast thursday, bulelwa and i went to thabo makheta's first solo fashion show. thabo is a renowned and award-winning designer based in port elizabeth. the show was spectacular! also in attendance was publicists and image consultant noni gasa who spoke about image and fashion and how to brand your brand.
it really was a great evening, bulelwa and i pretended that we were at new york fashion week while watching thabo's show. such amazing talent in the eastern cape!

here is a glimpse of some of thabo's designs

 the designer herself - thabo makheta


the beautiful noni gasa
noni gasa and i


i also took a few pictures of some of the people at the show

i looove the shoes. love the entire look

bulelwa being camera shy


 what i wore

beauty must have: spring lipstick

i am obsessed with lipstick! for me its an instant mood booster when i'm feeling less than glamorous. this weekend i went lipstick shopping for new shades for spring. it's not as easy as it seems, i must have spent half an hour trying to decided but i eventually found two new colors that i'm in love with.
generally, i like to believe that there are no rules regarding lipstick, all girls of all shades should experiment with all colors until they find the color that they love. i test every single color that catches my eye by putting some of it on my hand (because the hand and lips are the same shade---sometimes) so i have swatches of all the colors. i eliminate the ones that look sort of odd on my hand and the ones i still like go on my lips, just to see what the color looks like on my face. it does help to have a friend with you to give you a yay or nay on the colors you choose. 
all the best in finding your spring lippy!

the different colors i was interested in

[rimmel's lasting finish intense wear lipstick- heartbreaker (top) and cutting edge (bottom) both R80 at clicks]
the colors i chose

i just thought this looked cool

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

photo diary: third term

as promised, here some of my favorite images from this past term...
this was such an amazing term, the shortest ones always are though! i made some great new friends and had some fun experiences. i'm beyond grateful! hope you like

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

how to: color block

color blocking is one of the biggest and funnest (is that even a word?) trends this year for both spring and summer. i've seen pictures in magazines of runway looks, but how does one translate these very high fashion looks to the streets? my girlfriends bulelwa, shibu and i were talking at length about how much we love the trend but we we're all alittle apprehensive because we don't want to look like we're wearing a clown costume. i did some research on how to choose colors to combine and hopefully this will help any other fashionista's get on this trend 

the color wheel

colors that work best together:
  • colors directly next to each other : yellow and yellow-orange; yellow and yellow-green; violet and blue-violet and so forth
  • colors that form 90degree angles: yellow&green; blue-violet&blue-green; red&violet; orange-yellow&red-orange
  • colors directly across each other: yellow&violet; blue-violet&yellow-orange; blue&orange
  • colors that form a T: blue,orange&violet-red; yellow,violet&red-orange
  • colors that form an X: blue,orange,violet-red&yellow-green; blue-green,red-orange,violet&yellow
  • brown (and the brown family) are neutral color so any color will work but cobalt blue and fuchsia work best
  • white and black can literally go with anything!
the curvy fashionista suggested colors that aren't necessarily in the color wheel that can be combined together:
  • cobalt blue, yellow and orange
  • chocolate brown, pink and peach
  • purple, bright blue and teal
  • deep blue, bright pink and white
  • coral, grey and ivory
i tried my hand at color blocking on campus...
[i wore coral cardigan from old navy, teal lace cropped top from miladys, denim shorts from jayjays, teal and white belft from my granny and floral print espadrilles my mommy got for me at a flea market in france]

i color blocked colors directly across eachother: blue-green and red-orange
also check out nangi's mann-equin blog to see how she color blocked in her weekend looks. she chose colors that formed a 90degree angle: yellow and green

some more images:

gucci spring collection 2011

images sourced from trendhunter and edited using photobucket

beauty must have: neon make-up

[neon orange (okavanga sunset) lipstick by signature - R30]

i have an obsession with lipstick and now that it's spring, neon colors have got me excited! the color i'm wearing is called okavanga sunset and it is made by signature, the discount beauty brand that is available in most shopping malls. 

for spring 2011 (especially if the world ends in 2012) lets be brave and wear our brightest neon nailpolish, lipsticks and eyeshadows. here are some products you might like to check out :)

images sourced from revlon

[revlon summer romantics blue lagoon, sunishin sparkle, tangerine and revlon tropical temptation]
these colors are available from clicks and dischem and will set you back R130 

images sourced from essie 
[essie zesty orange, perky purple, punchy pink, funky limelight]
i've found that the best place to find essie polish is in major dischems and some clicks store. these gorgeous colors will set you back between R100 and R150


image sourced from jessica
[purple burst, yellow frame, orange zest, electric teal, flirty pink, pink explosion, and neon lime]
a wide range of funky colors available at dischem stores and selected clicks stores. these colors are priced between R150 and R200

for some make-up inspiration:

images sourced from elle south africa and edited using photobucket


Monday, September 12, 2011

giveaway: earring competition

last night was the deadline for the sharing a little candy with you earring competition. i got some awesome pairs of homemade earrings sent to me (thank you!). vote for the pair you like by simply commenting with the number you like. if your earrings are here, get all your friends to vote for your pair and the winning pair gets a two-finger love ring courtesy of jayjays grahamstown! 

let the games begin! :)


how to: maxi skirt your maxi dress

maxi skirts are all the rage at the moment, and i've found a couple awesome ones at second hand stores and regular chain stores. but now, a lot of us bought maxi dresses through out the years, and also want to be on trend. your maxi dress can double up as a funky and stylish maxi skirt too! 

 put on your maxi dress but do not wear the straps

fold the straps of your dress into your dress and also tuck in some of the dress itself.
smooth out any lumps and bumps 

add a thick belt to the top of the skirt to keep everything in place and you're good to go! 

[nautical striped maxi dress - mr price, denim shirt - edgars, leather belt - the space, orange cardigan - mr.price]


grahamstown street style: springin' style

such a pretty spring picture!

grahamstown street style: scarlett alpine


i found this picture when i was going through all my folders last night...i don't know how i forgot to post it. it was taken in june at the kaif. i love theo's alpine print jersey! :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

blog lovin

okay great, now that i've got your attention i haaaave to share something that i am so excited about, i might actually wee my pants! no, i didn't win the lottery and no, justin timberlake has not proposed to me yet (i know i'm 22 but a girl can still dream hey?)...anyways this is way better! :)

i've discovered two new blogs that are beyond amazing, i almost feel like i've had a slight awakening (i don't know if you can tell that i might be a slight drama queen). but these blogs are really a must-see!

check this out if you're very into all things thrifted and vintage. pippa and bevan have beautiful items and they cater for both women and men! the prices are ridiculously low and you have to be fast with your orders - all the items sell out in a heartbeat.

check this out for beautiful and i mean beeeautiful photography and images. absolutely gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous pictures.

p.s. i've always got your back :)

love is...

love is the greatest refreshment in life - pablo picaso

its friday the 9th of september which means that its spring break for the rhodes kids *air punch* though it is only 10 days, its 10 well deserved and much needed days of rest (i hope) and leisure (definitely) after a really hectic term. its been a really fun and jam-packed term and i'll be sharing some of my favorite images from this term in a photo diary soon. 

i saw this piece of art as i walked out of the library on a goooorgeous day. 
i hope it makes you smile!