Wednesday, February 29, 2012

floral ambition

my mom in the 80's

my ultimate style icon.
most of my favorite items of clothing i love i've inherited from my mom. that skirt and top are now my babies, but the shoes got lost through the sorry the image is a little blurry, i scanned the original (which was blurry) but posted it because the clothes are clear. i'll share pictures of mama mash every once in a while, and hopefully some of them will inspire some of your outfits.

light & loveness to you :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

my style - why blend in?

(yellow jumpsuit - my mom's closet, white top - atmosphere, print clutch from market in mozambique, bracelet - sass diva, bow ring - legit, pearl thin ring - mr price, rage shoes)

wearing this jumpsuit puts me in such a good mood. also another item from my mom's closet. if you'd like to see some of my mom's fashionista pictures from back in the day, please tell her so (help me convince her) by going to this post, and leaving a comment.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

rhodes 4th year fine art exhibition (part2)

these are some of the pictures i took at the fine art exhibition last year. i chose not to post them all out of respect to the artists, you can see more by clicking on the links below. enjoy!

suvania naidoo

suvania's exhibition of work was called ZA/in. it is about her identity as a south african indian female living in a westernised, post-colonial time and explores the duality of being both indian and south african at the same time. all of her peices are made by suvania. just amazing.


denys dixie

denys exhibition was inspired by carl jung's dream theory and the idea of the subconcious mind. in these panels, the characters are replicated selves, performing inexplicable activities in an unadored space. the lack of narrative sequence is deliberate as the figures appear to be in a moment of dream-like lucidity. each of these panels is handpainted by denys and they were metres long! the detail is unbelievable, to the extent that  you could see every hair on her arm, eyebrows and eyelashes. undescribable.


minke wasserman
this was probably one of the coolest exhibition i saw. the location was perfect, a round concrete room in the depths of the monument. there is definately a sense of discomfort because of all the conflicting beliefs, thoughts or emotions. i just thought this was spectacular.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

my style - bubblegum


(pink sunnies - mr price, vintage lace crop top, woven belt - woolworths, printed skirt -jay jays, woven shoes - prato (edgars), black satchel - my mom's closet, all jewellery - sass diva)
i've been getting a few emails from candy lover's (you) asking me to share fashionista pictures of my mom from back in the day. i've been trying to convince her to let me post them but she doesn't want her pictures on the internet. i'm trying really hard to convince her that nobody is going to take her pictures and assume her identity - but so far i'm not faring well. if you'd like to see some of her pictures and also help me convince her, please tell her so by commenting on this post. help me rub Mama Mash up the right way.