Monday, January 30, 2012

my style -box braids

this is what i wore to church yesterday...and i also got me some braids:) would you believe me if i told you that i did my hair myself?! the only hair i've ever braided is my barbie dolls (back in the day) but i was seriously bored at home last week, and my mom being the hoarder that she is (our garage is literally like a wholesale), i found fibre in the garage, and just started braiding.

(silk shirt - my mom's closet, black slacks- jumbo (for 15!), platforms - rage, black patent leather bag - my mom's closet, turquoise ring - forever new)

can you tell that i'm really liking my rage platforms. beeen wearing them!

happy monday!
wet kisses*

Friday, January 20, 2012

style crush - gillian zinser

gillian zinser plays ivy on 90210. i'm a little obsessed with her style.

 i love her bohemian, california girl style. def gonna try knotting my long kaftan too.
 daisy dukes have never been hotter. they're not too difficult to make, you can cut up an old pair of jeans, bleach and grate or razor blade them to give them a distressed look.
sheer. cobalt. faux fur. lace and leather.
very editorial
cool d.i.y idea for funky bracelets


images courtesy of

grahamstown street style - lost in words

maybe this should be found in words

Thursday, January 19, 2012

photo diary - mozambique

this past december, two generations of best friends - aluta and i, and our moms who have been best friends since they were teenagers- went on a road trip. destination = mozambique. the drive there was awesome, with big nuz and zahara blasting in the car until we got to the border. when we got to the border, we realised my mom had forgotten the little piece of paper that proves that the car we were driving was really hers. without it, we wouldn't be able to cross over. BLEAK! a 5 hour drive for nothing?! luckily our moms aren't as dramatic as aluta and i (okay, maybe as i) so after a couple of phone calls, a fax came through and we were allowed to cross the border, whoo hoo! BUT once in maputo, we got lost! we drove around until we found a bp garage and parked there. we knew where we had to go, but we just didn't know how we'd get there. luckily a really nice guy saw how distraught we were and offered to drive where were heading, with us following him. he did just that, dropped us off and left, we didn't even get his name! nice guy.
the mozamique experience was really quite amazing. the culture is completely different from ours in south africa. i will admit i had culture shock. the people are really warm, are excellent hosts and big on family. we ate aaaalot, wherever we went. i was actually convinced i had overdosed on champagne on new years! we were staying with a family friends of ours we met when we were living in oklahoma. SUCH an AMAZING family, word can't even describe. i can't wait to go back!