Monday, January 9, 2012

new kid on the old block

(turban, black crop top, white pencil skirt - my mom's closet, black platforms - rage, ring - mr price)

*kiss to you*

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! it feels so good to be back! i hope the first week of this year has been kind to you :) i got back from mozambique a couple days ago. it was my first time visiting another african country, ever. i'm a little ashamed to say so but better late than never right?! it was spectacular and i'll tell you all about it when i post some of the mozam pictures i took :)

it was my mom's birthday yesterday - happy birthday mama mash!



  1. How stylish is your mom, K? you look aNamazing doll, gorg skin aswell.

    So happy you're back!!!! Caaaaandy babay!!!!

  2. thank you lovely! :)
    back full force with more stuff to hopefully make you smile :)

  3. stunning. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! love the fashion, love how it's usually self taken photos & etc, I just love it and usually, I hate blogs really, but yours is different. whats the lip stick colour you use? amplified?

    1. thank you so very much. i really appreciate it :) i use rimmel lipsticks, and the one im wearing here is rimmel's lily extase :)
      thank you again!!! xxx


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