Monday, January 9, 2012

diagonally divine

i love doing my nails, and the funkier the better. here's how you can create diagonally divine nails too!

what you need:
nail polish remover
2 or more colors - depending on the look you want
top coat
nail file & nail buffer
cotton swabs & q-tips

how to:
1. use nail polish remover and cotton swab to wipe your nails, make sure they're completely clean
2. file your nails to make sure they're nice and neat. 
3. buff your nails to make them nice & smooth.
4. choose what color you want to be your base color, it can be light or dark - whatever you like.
5. apply two coats of your base color, let dry between each coat.
6. for you second color, it's easier to apply if you use a color with a thin brush.
7. make a diagonal line, then fill in the side you want the second color to be. let dry.
8. use the q-tips and nail polish remover to sort out any mess
9. apply your top coat (clear polish) and that's it!

i used:
cutex stubborn color nail polish remover
charlie (revlon) long lasting color in late night (609)
charlie (revlon) long lasting vernis in naturally coral (204)
revlon clear top coat (076)
sally hansen nail file & buffer combo

hope you try this out! 
peace & love
i wore:
gold two-finger round ring - forever new
perfume - gucci guilty

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