Wednesday, October 26, 2011

my style: emerald city

i have a really interesting story about these pants. 
i got them at a second hand store in east london and when i first got them ALL of my friends hated them! okay granted, they are spandex and they did have slits down the sides (lol -- juust like a disco queen) but i had a vision. i took them to my tailor and had them shortened a little bit and had those ghastly slits closed and viola! 

my friend sunali and i 

(polka dot shirt - bulelwa's closet, navy blue bag - my gran's closet, nude pumps - mr price)

what do you think of these pants??


Monday, October 24, 2011

grahamstown street style: boldly jelly

i spotted adriana as i was walking past the rat last friday afternoon.
i honestly liked how clean she looked, if that makes any sense.
her jelly brogues (cool right?) are from melissa's first range.

hope you have a magical monday!


Friday, October 21, 2011

grahamstown street style: the modern gentleman


i have a real weakness for men's fashion. i spend most of my time on the gq website and men's fashion blogs. it is my porn! i love the tailoring and the structure and mostly just how amazing a well dressed man looks. i've told myself that at some point in my life, i would love to be apart of a team that does nothing but create beautiful clothing for beautiful men.

 aaron looks so chic, so modern, so vintage, so amazing. 
he got his beautiful bag from the thrift collection. 

do you like his style?

Friday, October 14, 2011

day at the mill

last sunday, aluta (my best friend) and tando (basically my brother) 
spent the morning at the old biscuit mill in woodstock (cape town). its this awesome village market that happens every sunday from 9am till 2pm. it was my first time and i loved it! there's nothing you can't find and there are so many interesting people and things to see.

walking to the mill

lu in her gorgeous country road maxi skirt

tando looking too cool

its perfectly normal to have a cocktail with your breakfast right? :)

have a great weekend! :)


Thursday, October 13, 2011

paradise. the coldplay concert

the amazing concert
candids from the concert

"and its suuuuch a perfect day!" - coldplay 
[lyric from strawberry swing]


check out the 'every tear is a waterfall' video 

i wore:
headband - mr price,
top - mr.price,
jeans - stolen from mom's cupboard, 
jersey - h&m, 
loafers - legit,
handbag - from second hand store

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

cape town street style: color my world

this is my best friend inge wulff. has color blocking ever looked more amazing??!
this is what she wore to work. i reeally believe one can conquer the world in couture

inge is wearing a royal blue silk skirt from kluk and gladiator heels from woolworths
 she was also wearing a beeeeeautiful coral cropped blazer from kluk but i think it was 90degrees out or something ridiculous

how many of you can say that you have a coat named after you? pretty nifty huh?

inge has made me a lot of beeeautiful clothing and i will be sharing some of the items she's made for me over the years. 


my style: lovely leopard

last week i was lucky enough to be in the mother city (cape toooowwwn!!!) whoop! 
i got to see friends and family and watch one of the greatest bands in the world - COLDPLAY!
i did get to take great pictures which i'll share with you this week.

on this day i spent the day with my best friend inge at work (our very own take a girl to work day). she works at kluk and i literally felt like a kid in a candy store! the store is amazing! malcom kluk and christiaan gabriel du toit (don't you love it how i'm making it seem like we're on a first name basis haha) are aaamaze. to me they are like the dolce and gabana of rsa but on crack (not literally). 

these lucious leopard print shoes are from zoom :)

messing around at the store. inge and i believe that we were birds in our past lives and that we are gay men trapped in women's bodies. it makes sense. trust us!



Saturday, October 1, 2011

grahamstown street style: cupcake heaven


shibu and i were chilling at the kaif yesterday talking about everything, including new ideas for both our blogs. there are some great plans in the pipe-line to make your reading experience a little more fun and interactive.
conversation wouldn't be complete without something cute to munch on, and im in love with this image.
hope you like it!
shibu's blog is beeeeeautiful! lauren and i have been trying to convince her to start modelling so that we can finance our lifestyles! haha, do yourself a favor and check out her blog and also hype her looks on lookbook!