Tuesday, October 11, 2011

my style: lovely leopard

last week i was lucky enough to be in the mother city (cape toooowwwn!!!) whoop! 
i got to see friends and family and watch one of the greatest bands in the world - COLDPLAY!
i did get to take great pictures which i'll share with you this week.

on this day i spent the day with my best friend inge at work (our very own take a girl to work day). she works at kluk and i literally felt like a kid in a candy store! the store is amazing! malcom kluk and christiaan gabriel du toit (don't you love it how i'm making it seem like we're on a first name basis haha) are aaamaze. to me they are like the dolce and gabana of rsa but on crack (not literally). 

these lucious leopard print shoes are from zoom :)

messing around at the store. inge and i believe that we were birds in our past lives and that we are gay men trapped in women's bodies. it makes sense. trust us!



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