Friday, May 20, 2011

fashion blogs: are they making us all the same?

i am a lover of fashion. i tend to think of it as art in motion. even with that, i'm not a slave to fashion but love seeing how trends evolve. a year or so ago i discovered fashion blogs when i had this crazy idea of starting an online magazine. there are many amazing fashion bloggers out there, but one thing i noticed is that most of the style being focused is very similar if not the same.

it got me thinking, what specific trend or style defines this era? the era of liberation and free information. the sixties gave us tailoring and made us appreciate a good suit, the seventies introduced us to bell bottoms, all things high waisted and spandex and the eighties encouraged us be rebellious by mixing and matching bright colors with a hip hop inspiration and embracing a punk rock influence. 

this era, i feel that we have gone back to our roots, embracing and loving all things vintage. we've gone demure, yet bold. romantic, yet fierce. never has the world been so open to the idea of people going over the top. i feel like this is a time where its perfectly acceptable to wear sequins and feathers during the day. while fashion blogs do have a very similar style of late, its one of the things that come with this era. we should draw inspiration from the images we see, but tweak them to remain distinctly individualistic.

columnist zahrah mohammed said "creativity and freedom of expression through ones medium of clothes can help mould a person. it enhances their personality and assures them that they are who they WANT to be". i couldn't agree more. no one man should be told what to wear or be a slave to trends. individualism has never been hotter than it is now, and through this blog, i'll ensure that all the amazing individuals i see are captured, shared with the world and appreciated.

life's like candy baby!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011

rhodes drama dept presents : INNOVATIONS

last night my housemates and i went to innovations. best decision ever. innovations is a production put on by the rhodes university drama students where short skits are all presented. it is a diverse mash up of very different aspects of the theatre experience! so all of us there could get a glimpse of the different types of performance styles without having to understand the technicality of it. regardless of whether you watched because you went to support a friend or because you are a theatre buff - you were entertained.

the hilarious mc's were sandi dlangalala and tyson ngubeni. they definitely kept the crowd awake and alive. i hope to see both these boys in many more theatre productions. there were 11 performances, all of which were amazing! 'working couples' a dance piece exploring the sexual and romantic tension between lovers, choreographed by jethro thomas and starring jethro and hannah minnie was very intense. i got mia micheals (of so you think you can dance) vibes from it. my absolute favorite was 'takie' performed by kelsey stewart and megan wright. it was a mimed piece that displayed two very fascinating personalities in a life of poverty and deprival. it was amazing! pure perfection to me, very very well done.

there were musical acts, with sphamandla dlakwe and matthew de klerk performing their unique interpretation of owl city's fireflies. vuyo kumalo gave a stellar performance of 'stars' from the musical les miseribles. ndumiso ndlovu paid a tribute to john legend performing 'everybody knows' getting the crowd involved. frans mathubi, a jazz lounge/indie cafe band is definitely one to look out for and i'm hoping to do a profile on them soon. four very beautiful ladies performed a high-energy hip-hop/burlesque dance piece which worked out beautifully!

grahamstowm has a lot of talent and i will through this blog, showcase some of the diversity and all round coolness that g-town has in it! so i promise to do more profiles on musicians, artists, dj's, photographers, and people in grahamstown. this will hopefully be an informative blog, that lets everyone know more about what is happening in this town of ours!

grahamstown street style: p!nk in the flesh

i'd seen this girl around campus many times and always thought her pink hair was...daring! her name is michelle avenant, she is a first year student at rhodes and also a musician and writer. her inspiration behind the hair? she just woke up one day and felt like having bright pink hair because bright colors make her happy! very daring and very cool.

grahamstown street style: the combat boot

the combat boot it back! i've been seeing a lot of them around campus, and it looks great. the red pair are original doc martins, very very cool. i don't own a pair of combat boots YET, but after seeing this, it is a goal.

grahamstown street style: when good coats happen to good men

i love a man in a good coat. two creme caramel coats (a hottttt color for winter 2011). these guys look absolutely great!

grahamstown street stlye: chic leopard print

imagine. im walking out of the library in a bit of a frenzy. deadlines, life is just tugging at me. i see my friend nomzee, looking amazing as usual. i am an appreciator of leopard print and i love how she has constructed her outfit. hahaha, i'm sounding so technical now, but really fashion is art in motion.

grahamstown street style: high waist is a winner!

i'm a firm believer in all things high waisted! and the tailored high waisted pants are a definite winner! this is aphe rocking two different looks, the first one a little more indie and the second very very classic. i love both these looks and they've sort of inspired an outfit idea i have for this coming week! loverly!

grahamstown street style: the oversized knit

aluta rocking her oversized knit from woolworths. i saw this in this month's elle magazine and fell in love. she paired it with classic blue jeans, a vintage bag that is to die for and tan leather brogues. love this look, a definate winner for winter 2011