Friday, October 21, 2011

grahamstown street style: the modern gentleman


i have a real weakness for men's fashion. i spend most of my time on the gq website and men's fashion blogs. it is my porn! i love the tailoring and the structure and mostly just how amazing a well dressed man looks. i've told myself that at some point in my life, i would love to be apart of a team that does nothing but create beautiful clothing for beautiful men.

 aaron looks so chic, so modern, so vintage, so amazing. 
he got his beautiful bag from the thrift collection. 

do you like his style?


  1. This is pretty cool, I like how you didn't just copy-paste images from the internet. The thing about the most men's clothing websites is that they show-case models wearing what seems to be unatainable wear for your everyday Sipho. Thus a lot of dudes don't even bother looking at them. This brings it closer to home... Good job. Now back to work before I get fired!


  2. I love this man's look - it's so well put together, but it looks effortless; as a man ought to dress. It's smart, but not boring and the fit of the clothes looks great on his body - très sexy.

  3. thank you so much!! :) :) he loooks amazing!

  4. i really like his shoes. where can one get these!

  5. he looks like a million bucks!

  6. I do wish Aaron could see all the amazing comments about his style. He really does look like a million bucks!


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