Tuesday, September 13, 2011

beauty must have: neon make-up

[neon orange (okavanga sunset) lipstick by signature - R30]

i have an obsession with lipstick and now that it's spring, neon colors have got me excited! the color i'm wearing is called okavanga sunset and it is made by signature, the discount beauty brand that is available in most shopping malls. 

for spring 2011 (especially if the world ends in 2012) lets be brave and wear our brightest neon nailpolish, lipsticks and eyeshadows. here are some products you might like to check out :)

images sourced from revlon

[revlon summer romantics blue lagoon, sunishin sparkle, tangerine and revlon tropical temptation]
these colors are available from clicks and dischem and will set you back R130 

images sourced from essie 
[essie zesty orange, perky purple, punchy pink, funky limelight]
i've found that the best place to find essie polish is in major dischems and some clicks store. these gorgeous colors will set you back between R100 and R150


image sourced from jessica
[purple burst, yellow frame, orange zest, electric teal, flirty pink, pink explosion, and neon lime]
a wide range of funky colors available at dischem stores and selected clicks stores. these colors are priced between R150 and R200

for some make-up inspiration:

images sourced from elle south africa and edited using photobucket



  1. such a daring color

  2. love neon, vibrant, fun, perfect for partying!!!!

    1. yesssss! i need some new party lips!


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