Thursday, September 8, 2011

grahamstown street style: chuck taylor's got character

taz's chuck taylor's have so much character

i've always felt that one my greatest fashion disabilities is the fact that i can't wear a pair of all-stars and look cool. a lot of my friends and people i see can put together these awesome outfits, throw on a pair of all-stars and look amazing! i almost feel like the frame of my body doesn't let me rock this look and i've only worn the pair i've had for years once! and believe me i've tried. 
i saw taz's cool converse on campus yesterday and thought that they had so much character and mostly that they just suited her. she got the laces in scotland and got the lead singer of a band to autograph her one pair and all the other trickets have sort of been added as she's gone along - kind of like a scrapbook. her converse-with-character have actually given me a reeeeeeeaaallly good idea that i will share with you soon. 
i love these shoes!

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