Wednesday, September 7, 2011

im listening to: szjerdene

several thousand people
only you that i had in mind
untie all your burdens and lay them all to rest here
i didn't get the choice to grow up with you
but that doesn't mean that i know less about you
several thousand people
down the lights but still you will shine---szjerdene

szjerdene (pronounced jhurdeen) was introduced to me by my beautiful friend mlungisi and i've literally been in love with her since! she is only 22 years old (my a lady who will reveal her age, haha) and is quietly taking over the music scene. it's hard for me to say what kind of genre she is in, it sounds like many things to me - very diffirent but very awesome.

she is currently working on her first album (exicte!) which will hopefully be ready next year (crosses fingers). my absolute favorite song has to be think it through although leila's tale is also incredibly amazing. click on the links to listen to them or you can alternatively check out her website

not only is szjerdene an amazinng muscian but she is also extremely stylish! i got a few of her looks from her facebook page which are gorgeous. 


 this reminds me of a black dress that my best friend inge wulff (an up-and-coming designer to look out for) made for me in black with black feathers

photography by: adam khadoroo
all photographs are sourced from szjerdene's facebook page


  1. that floral jumpsuit though?!
    jeez! (talk about amazing)
    great post :)

  2. thats also my fav! the jumpsuit!

  3. so proud of you girl, this blog is great

  4. i love the floral jumpsuit too! thank u so much :)

  5. She's absolutely beautiful and I could imagine you and her sharing wardrobes, Khanya. Great style all the way!

  6. Aaron - id be moooore than willing to share wardrobes with her!

    Buli - we actually need a conference about that jumper though!


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