Saturday, August 20, 2011

how to: make your own earrings

if you've ever wanted to make yourself a cool pair of earrings, this is your chance. 
this is a quick tutorial on how to make earrings out of buttons. its quick, easy and really affordable
enjoy :)

super glue R10 at checkers, buttons R6.50 each at jacksons -in town, i got the backs under the arch for 50cents each and the butterflies also under the arch for 20cents each

squeeze a pea sized amount of super glue onto the back of the button 

place the back on the super glue, then put a little more glue around the back for added support

give everything about ten minutes and your earrings are ready to wear!

hope this has been helpful. have a great weekend

*Jacksons is on High Street, on the Mr Price side. its a material shop


  1. Where is Jacksons?

  2. its on High Street, close to where Cardies was, its a material shop

  3. okay im taking a mental note of everything...Jacksons, under the arch, yes...okay - great!!
    this is a lovely post!

  4. so glad you like it! be sure to enter the competition!! :)
    p.s. i dig the haberdash!


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