Friday, August 26, 2011

sharing a little candy with you!

firstly, thank you to everyone that has been following candychampagne. words are really not enough to express juuuuuust how grateful i am! :)
secondly (dum dum dum), the popularity of the how to make your own earrings post has been really great, so i had a really great idea (light bulb moment really), why not have a little fun with this??

we are going to make a competition out of that post, where everyone that has made a pair of earrings or is still going to make a pair of earrings needs to send me an image of their earrings with a little description (and please don't forget your name) - this can be done by either emailing me at or by tweeting me (my username is khanya_mash) and attaching the picture of your earrings to that tweet. 

i will then post all the earrings that i get on the blog and all the followers of this blog will vote by simply commenting on the pair they like. the owner of the pair that gets the most 'likes' will win themselves a really cool two-finger love ring (at the bottom of this post)!

how do you comment?? on the right tab of candychampagne there is a 'please follow cc blog', you then click 'follow this site' and you can follow using your gmail account or twitter account. if you don't have either of those, you can follow by email which is under the 'please follow cc blog', you will then have to log in in order to comment.

the competition begins NOW and the deadline to submit pictures of your earrings to me (via email or twitter) is sunday the 11th of september, so you have  two weeks and 2 days to get creative! voting  will start on that monday evening (5th september) and will run for a week until monday the 19th of september.
the winning pair and the owner will be announced soon after that and will get their prize
if you are not in grahamstown, fear not, the prize can be posted to you!
so lets get cracking! make some earrings! send me pictures! and get all your friends to vote vote vote!!

the prize for the winning pair of earrings is a two-finger 'love' ring


  1. when i wear mine i feel like a G :D

  2. how many times can i enter! coz iv got so many diy earrings!! and can i have the candy too ;-) LOL

  3. we can make a plan about the candy :) pick your fav pair :) p.s. im a mannequin lover!


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