Tuesday, August 9, 2011

happy women's day

[i took this picture while on a lunch date at 137 high street with some of my girlfriends]

today is national women's day (south africa) and wow, i've had a really busy day :)
the 9th of august is women's day in SA because on this day in 1956, 20 000 south african women of all races marched to the union buildings to present a petition against the carrying of passes by women to the then prime minister, j g stijdom. this was before twitter, facebook and texts!
today i took a spinning class, but the best part of that was the conversation i had with zamo (my spinning assistant).we spoke about our mom's and all the other amazing women that inspire us and spoke about all our dreams and aspirations for the future. not once was there mention of boys, which is stereotypically typical of two young girls in their early early 20's. made me realise that we are growing up!
namhla and i  then had the inssaaaaane honor of interviewing 4 very inspirational women our my radio show today (rmr). we spoke to Ntsiki Biyela who is the first black woman winemaker in south africa, Siki Mgabadeli a freelance journalist and talk show host on SAFM, Janet Buckland a renowned director and  influencor of the dramatic arts in south africa as well as Mbali Ntuli the DA (democratic alliance) youth chair.
you can only imagine how star struck  i was, i felt like the ultimate groupie but i couldn't help but inspired by these women who have chosen to do what they love and because they love it, have had great success in their fields. insanely enough, all four of them were working when we called them, because that is the ultimate celebration for them.
there are many women all around me that inspire me. i am reminded almost everyday as to why as a woman (and a human at that - can't exclude the men), we were never built to crumble.

so i wish you all a great women's day! 


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