Tuesday, December 27, 2011

photo diary - ntombi yom'xhosa (xhosa girl)

december is always a busy month filled with family gatherings and traditional ceremonies. this december was a month of weddings and imigidi (initiation ceremonies for young men). my family knows i am quite camera crazy and normally i have two camera's with me at every function. here a few of my favorite pictures :)

perhaps one my my favorite images. an abandoned hut in our village
the view i see everyday. picturesque beauty
my grandma...94 years young and blessed

what i wore to my cousin's traditional wedding
the skirt i wore. made from material we call ijeriman or shweshwe
traditional dancers. i love what she is wearing
recycled material has never looked so chic

i wore:
leopard print sunnies- mr price
coral blazer - carducci
crop top - hand made
skirt - hand made
pumps - mr price

my cousin's wedding was so much fun. his bride wandile (the name given to her by my family) is from namibia and speaks damara/nama. it was such a interesting merger of cultures. the language she speaks is strangely cool and i'm sure isixhosa sounded the same to her family! i had originally wanted to wear a turban to the wedding, but my gran told me that it would be inappropriate for me to wear a turban to a traditional ceremony because they are reserved for married women. so since i'm unmarried, my head must be bare so that any potential suitors can know that i'm not taken! haha!

i hope you have had an amazing december so far!

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