Tuesday, December 6, 2011

rhodes 4th year fine art exhibition (part 1)

a few weeks back, the final year fine art students at rhodes university has their exhibition. they had been working on the body's of work their entire year. rhodes really does have incredible talent. i took a few pictures of some of my favorite artists. enjoy!

warren canning

warren's oil paintings are really very unique. in this particular body of work, warren created aerial views of buildings and locations. what was really cool was that by scanning the barcodes next to each painting, you could see exactly which location was painted. incredible right?!

calypso ray

this was absolutely one my favorites. calypso's body of work was inspired by people dealing with mental disorders, and how the simplests of tasks can seem incredibly difficult. calypso also had a video playing in which she used her feet to light a candle with a match, shave her legs and open a beer bottle with a bottle opener. really very incredible!

"drawing from my own experiences and hardships, dis-order is a collection of metaphors dealing with the invisible disorder that only the sufferer experiences" - calypso ray

kate brook-hart

kate's work was also one my favorites. i couldn't take more pictures because there would literally be hundreds of photos (and you can check out the rest on her website). kate's work was inspired by the mechanisation of the nation (south africa). it looked and broke down south africa's current political situation, capitalism in south africa, the every day lives of south african's and south africa pre-and-post-democracy according to kate (and public opinion). it's not sinister, but rather realistic. brilliant!

get ahold of the artists:
warren canning: warren's website\ warren@bauhaus.co.za
kate brook-hart: kate's blog\ kate's website\ brookhart.kate@gmail.com
calypso ray: calypso's profile

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