Thursday, November 17, 2011

my style: ebony & ivory

i found these pictures when i was going through my pictures. they were taken in port alfred when shibu, lauren and i spent the day there a few months back. i still had hair then! i've never actually worn this dress out, cause i get a little self concious that its a bit short but i had fun taking pictures in it

(earrings - selfmade, vintage white dress, zoom black ankle boots, shibu's black bag)

i love this bridge so much. thank you to lauren for having such an amazing eye for all things

i feel like i look so strange with hair! haha, what do you think?


  1. 1. that dress is not too short
    2. it is still not too short and you look amazing in it.


  2. Thank the Fashion Gods you put the photos up! Love Love Love. And I think you look stunning with and sans hair :)

  3. that dress is not too short! wear it out
    and you've got really great legs :)
    i like you with long or short hair

  4. lovely! and no, the dress is not too short. you've got great legs so flaunt them :)

  5. A minute of silence to appreciate those legs!!!


  6. Thank you so much:) you all are far too kind! Much love


and now the comments.... :)