Monday, April 18, 2011

grahamstown street style: little red riding hat

doesn't she look lovely?
these boots are awesome

her name is tansey ben susan. b and i had just walked out of mad hatters coffee shop and bistro when we spotted this lovely and very different girl. the red hat caught my attention, then the rest of the outfit had me excited. she has such an interesting story as well. she spent 3 years in south america as a foreign language teacher teaching english and spanish to underprivelleged children. originally there for a little adventure, she decided to stay and volunteer for a while, a while being 3 years! she has lived in a tree house in the amazon and a teepee in the andies mountains, worked on an organic farm and herded goats. this story wouldn't complete without an exotic love interest. she met a man. can you believe it!? his name is javier and he is 12 years her a senior. an artist (go figure). javier came back to south africa with her. out of a story book right?

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