Tuesday, April 5, 2011

fashion focus: anticipating winter

winter is one of my favorite seasons. i love the warmth. the cold, the glow. the best part is the FASHION! i feel like  alot more can be done in terms of accessorizing and adding on. i love layering, and love that it can be done without one feeling like we've been dressed by our mother (lots of layers, feeling and looking like a puffed marshmellow). in terms of trends for 2011 i'll definately be settting (following?) this winter, i would love to see:

*nail polish: grey, barely peach, an array of pinks (soft all the way to hot) and black
*make-up: softer, more natural make-up with brown eye liner and mascara (the black can be too intense)
*colors: colbalt blue and canary yellow, nudes, browns and creams, grey for comfort, you can never go wrong with black
*alpine print jerseys
*wide leg jeans and pants
*high waisted skirts and shorts, winterize your summer gear
*leopard print and tribal prints (scarves. handbags. definately)

i'm very exicted to see (and photograph) some of my favorite Grahamstown fashionista's this winter!