Saturday, March 12, 2011

japan is happening everywhere

yesterday the world was traumatized by the 8.9 magnitute earthquake that struck northeast japan. it has had devastating effects on the earthquake prone country, with the death toll expected to exceed 1500 people. this takes my mind back to a year ago, when haiti experienced a tragic 7.0 magnitute earthquake that claimed over 300,00 lives and left over 1million people homeless. thankfully the world could not never sit and watch millions of virutally helpless people and many countries responded with aid.

the day after the japan earthquake, my facebook and twitter pages are over flowing with friends of mine responding to the tragedy in japan, many of them urging everyone to pray for the families affected. apart of me feels guilty for having a facebook status update or tweet that isn't talking about japan. and while my heart sincerely feels for every single human being in japan, the whole idea of your land your earth your support structure crumbling under your feet is terryfying, i feel helpless because my life is still going on.

we all want to make a difference in japan and lend a helping hand but unfortunately 90% of the population isn't in the position to do so as an individual. however, us normal people can make a difference of our own in a sustainable way. like japan, haiti and even the bp oil spill, every country, every community has similar situations that it is dealing with. so instead of feeling helpless or terrible that you can't actually be in japan to assist in aid relief or are even unable to donate millions to charitable organisations, by making an effort to get involved in your community and lend a hand in your own capacity right here at home, you have done a great deal in helping japan.