Wednesday, March 23, 2011

j&b met. larger than life.

 [red foam dress designed by inge wulff for KLuK CGDT; purple goddess dress designed by inge wulff for .ing]

my best friend inge wulff, an aspiring fashion desginer now working at the prestigious KLuKCGDT design house created the very regal purple number i wore to the 2011 j&b met and designed her red dress. the red dress is made entirely from foam. creativity at its best! i felt like a superstar.

here are some more pics forom the lavish day!
myself ing and sally

 dylan and i
aqeela and yusri ---such pretty people
me :) in my inge wulff original dress
aluta and my mommy
inge and dylan were one of the couples in the running for best dressed couple
while they didn't win, to me THEY WERE THE BEST DRESSED!
 sarah and her gorgeous date
dylan jack