Friday, April 13, 2012

are fashion blogs making us all the same?

i am a lover of fashion. i tend to think of it as art in motion. even with that, i'm not a slave to fashion but love seeing how trends evolve. a year or so ago i discovered fashion blogs when i had this crazy idea of starting an online magazine. there are many amazing fashion bloggers out there, but one thing i noticed is that most of the style being focused is  the same.

it got me thinking, what specific trend or style defines this era? the era of liberation and free information. the sixties gave us tailoring and made us appreciate a good suit, the seventies introduced us to bell bottoms, all things high waisted and spandex and the eighties encouraged us be rebellious by mixing and matching bright colors with a hip hop inspiration and embracing a punk rock influence. 

this era, i feel that we have gone back to our roots, embracing and loving all things vintage. we've gone demure, yet bold. romantic, yet fierce. never has the world been so open to the idea of people going over the top (ala the late alexander mcqueen) so go over YOUR top. i feel like this is a time where its perfectly acceptable to completely express yourself. we're all desperate to be individuals, to be different - that we're all ending up "different" but the same different. maybe this one of the things that comes with the era we're in? i believe - and my belief is nothing new, its been preached many times before - that we should draw inspiration from the images we see, but tweak them to remain distinctly individualistic. and individualism is a by-product of introspection.

columnist zahrah mohammed said "creativity and freedom of expression through ones medium of clothes can help mould a person. it enhances their personality and assures them that they are who they WANT to be". i couldn't agree more. no one man should be told what to wear or be a slave to trends. individualism has never been hotter than it is now. we're not on an assembly line, don't allow yourself to be squashed into a box. whether it be through your clothes, your thoughts and opinions and interests.

through this blog, i've always tried to ensure that all the amazing individuals i see are captured, shared with the world and appreciated. even if and especially if they are different from me or what i'm used to. i won't ever quit.

have a lovely day!


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    1. thank you! there will definitely be more written articles

  2. My belief about fashion is create one's own niche, one's own identity..following the trends is like following a herd..look good and look elegant in your own way..being a vicitm of fashion is like giving yourself away and creating a fake you and the entire process at the end of the day snatches you away from you... Carve your own style and enjoy it !


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