Thursday, July 28, 2011

photo diary: a glimpse of my holiday

i had the most amazing june/july holiday this year and i am extremely grateful and blessed. i turned 22 on the 5th of july which has been exciting so far! these are a few images from my holiday :)

[b and i both wearing spitfire sunnies]
 my awesome friend 'b' and i

[black rage boots, bella bianca tan boots circa 1980;tan heeled brogues -mr price, nude pumps-mr. price; brown pumps- roberto santi; floral slip ons-cm paris; cream sandals- kelso @ edgars, cream and nude pumps - kelso @ edgars, tan leather brogues- project @ mr price]
 my shoes for the holiday...i do tend to over pack

[leopard print nails-vibes (R10; gold anchor earrings-accessorize (R30); horseshoe earrings-forever new (R50); coral charlie nailpolish-clicks (R60); two finger heart ring-sass diva (R40); horseshoe necklace-accessorize (R30); gold bangle-foschini (R30)]
 some of my favorite bargain purchases this holiday (i love a good bargain)

[i'm wearing: beige jersey - h&m]
 my little brother and i on a night out. i was the only girl in a huge group of his friends,
it was such a fun night :)


 ciao baby cucina in parkview (pretoria) where i had my birthday dinner with my family. a really great night full of love and laughter.

on my town excursions, i saw this mother and son. i had to photograph them.vina (the mother) works as a seamstress and also does shoe repairs. she has 2 children and this is her youngest.


i started a gratitude journal after the passing of a friend of mine early june. every night before i go to sleep i write down the things that i am grateful for each day. it can be anything from bumping into a friend
i haven't seen in a long time, to seeing a really great sunset or even just getting a good parking
bay when i was in a rush. my friend that passed away kept a gratitude journal and when
i think of her, i see her smile and just her amazing aura of light and joy. starting this journal
is sort of a tribute to her as well as to just acknowledge everything
that i am grateful for. when you actually think about the things that you are grateful for and you
quantify them, you realise just how fortunate you really are - even if things aren't going the
way you would like them to.

thank you for checking out my blog :)


  1. aaaaawww i'm so inspired by the gratitude journal and the whole idea of just being grateful for every little thing and finding joy in the simplest aspects of life. xoxo

  2. i'm so happy you're inspired! :)


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