Tuesday, June 7, 2011

beauty must have: pink lipstick

the looks i'm wearing are: 
[rimmel's long lasting finish lipstick - pink blush (006) R90]
[rimmel's moisturee renew lipstick - lily extase (340) R80]

lipstick is probably the most provocative of the cosmetics in our makeup bag. it is bright, draws attention to your mouth and oozes sensuality and femininity. my obsession at the moment is pink lipstick! a lot of the time when i'm having a dull day and need instant brightening, i put on my brightest lippy. 

every shade of girl has their own shade of pink that they can play with, but generally i don't like to stick to these rules. but i'll still give you the low-down on which shades of pink you could make your friend depending on the shade of your complexion. 

lighter in complexion ladies can use light pinks (almost pale peach) all the way to deeper and brighter pinks. medium in complexion  ladies, darker shades of soft pinks as well as darker pinks are a guaranteed winner for you. the more chocolate ladies should stay away from the lighter pinks and make friends with darker pinks, like fuchsia's and deep purples.

it does help to put on some foundation on your lips before applying lipstick to guarantee longer lasting coverage. and if you're out dancing - sip on your drink using a straw to keep your lips looking bright and pretty for longer!


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